The distribution packages contain the complete source code of the server and all tools, all JAR files that are needed to run the server and the tools, and a tutorial (HTML). Class files and Javadoc API documentation is not part of the distribution packages. They are generated when building the system via Apache Ant.

Currently there are two versions of ozone -- 1.1.x and 1.2.x. Stable 1.1.x releases are build from the v1_1_x-branch CVS branch. Only bug fixes are made in this version. All new and experimental features go into the main CVS branch, some of the new functionality is merged over to the 1.2 branch (which thus makes releases contain both new features as well as bug fixes) and other functionality will form the base of the future (not yet existing) 1.3.x versions.

For a complete version history, see the ozone CHANGES file.

Ozone 1.1.x

Ozone 1.2

Ozone 1.2.x

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