Every volunteer project obtains its strength from the people involved in it. We invite you to participate as much or as little as you choose. The roles and responsibilities that people can assume in the project are based on merit. Everybody's input matters!

Things evolve as fast as people are willing to help!
If you want this project to evolve - get involved!

There are a variety of ways to participate. Regardless of how you choose to participate, we suggest you join our mailing list.

Anyone may participate to the development process even actively (writing, discussing, proposing code) or passively (listening and learning). You are more than welcome to join our group of developers.

Use the product and give us feedback
Using the products, reporting bugs, making feature requests, etc. is by far the most important role. It's your feedback that allows the technology to evolve.

Contribute code or documentation patches
In this role, you participate in the actual development of the code. If this is the type of role you'd like to play, checking out the CVS repository is the first step to get you started.

This is an open source project and an open development effort. Nothing is set in stone regarding the code, the architecture, the design or anyhing else. If you find things weird, mysterious or simply strange, then just make a proposal and do it better! It is always good to have several solutions for the same problem. The users decide which is better then.

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