Version 1.1 is our legacy release. It includes the following features:
  • multi-user, multi-thread support
  • object level access rights
  • fully transaction based
  • JTA/XA support
  • deadlock recognition
  • BLOB support
  • XML (DOM) support
  • ODMG 3.0 support
  • Garbage collection
Version 1.2 is our stable release. It includes (besides everyting in 1.1) the following features:
  • enhancements to object lifecycle
  • performance improvement
  • Enhanced exception handling
  • OPP now also generates a factory which simplifies object creation
  • New Module - Persistant Collections
  • adminGUI a swing client alternative to the command line interface
  • Integration with the JBoss application serve
Version 1.2.x is the experimental version. Things we are working on are:
  • change the entire core code to explicitly synch collections
  • JMX based management of services
  • completely rewritten DOM support (new API, new kernel)
  • front-end independent query kernel
  • enhanced collections api with support for lazy loading etc.
  • a new back-end storage (GammaStore) which will improve performance for very large databases

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