Note: If the news below are somewhat outdated, then this does not mean that ozone development has stalled or something. It just means that we are to busy to maintain this section. I'm not sure if this is a :-( or a ;-)

26/07/2005: Port of Petstore to Ozone

An initial port of Petstore has been added to the new OzoneApps area. It is based on the EJB version of xPetstore created by Herve Tchepannou. We kept the front end web application alost completely unchanged but changed the back-end EJB/DAO-RDMBS structure into a tier of Ozone based persistent business objects.

18/04/2004: Version 1.2 has been released

We are proud the announce the availability of version 1.2 of the Ozone object server. 1.2 includes new features such as extended lifecycle, performace improvement, and much more.

19/09/2002: Version 1.1 has been released

We are proud the announce the availability of version 1.1 of the Ozone object server. 1.1 includes new features such as garbage collection of unused persistent objects and many enhancements and fixes of the core.

19/12/2001: Moved to SourceForge

We have moved over to Source Forge ( This will give us searchable mailing lists, bugtracking and more open exposure in general.

23/04/2001: Version 1.0 has been released

We have been working very hard for a long time to make this happen ;) Now we are proud the announce the availability of version 1.0 of the ozone object server. In 1.1 versions we will introduce many new features and technologies which will probably lead to many changes even of the API. So 1.0 branch is intended to provide a stable code base.

08/30/2000: The Infozone-Group leads 'Lexus'

Lexus is a new project about specifying an open standard for an XML Update Language, started by the Infozone-Group.

In our opinion there is the real need for this specification, because all available implementations of query languages and whitepapers about 'Query Requirements' don't speak about updating XML data sets via an API. So the only way to enforce this development of an XML Update Language is an own and standalone project-that's Lexus.

All interested people are very pleased to participate in the development, so point your browser toThe Lexus Project.

07/10/2000: Public CVS available

Finally the ozone CVS server is available to the public. Anyone can checkout the sources from the anonymous CVS server or browse the repository via the web.

08/06/2000: Article about ozone/Infozone at

Eric van der Vlist has published an article at about ozone and the plans of the ozone team to setup the new Infozone project.

03/26/2000: SMB and ozone at ExoLab Session #2
O'Reilly Conference on java

The "ExoLab Session #2" is kindly hosted by the "O'Reilly Conference on Java" taking place the 29th & 30th March 2000 in Santa Clara, California. SMB joins this session and performs the current development state of ozone. Besides this, the "1. ozone DevCon" will be held at 29th March, 7.45 in Westin Hotel of Santa Clara. Feel free to join us there.

10/12/1999: released

The site is available to the public. It is intended to be the new central resource for all ozone related information.

10/12/1999: Co-operation with EJBoss started

The EJBoss organization strives at delivering a complete j2ee platform to the Open source web. We have started to discuss the possibilities to develop an EJB container on top of ozone.

06/06/1999: ozoneXML started

We have started to work together with Ann Tecklenburg and Vincent Aguilera to develop the ozone based XML repository ozoneXML.

04/16/1999: ozone released under Open Source License

In correlation to the ExoGen project SMB released the ozone database under the license of Open Source. Now it is possible to you to download the source and to join in the development of ozone.

The ozone database is a central component in the ExoGen Open Source project, where its task is to store and provide the Java/XML-objects of the application and document server.

04/04/1999: SMB and ozone at ExoLab Session #1

SMB is member of the ExoLab Open Source Development Center, an initiative to foster collaboration between software developers and consulting companies. Other participating projects include EJBoss, Java Apache, SPFC, XSL:P, Lutris Technologies.

The ExoGen project is an attempt at developing the first Open Source Java/XML Application & Documentation Server. This is leaded by several Open Source projects, private companies and individual developers.

03/17/1999: ozone at CeBIT '99

We presented the Java-ODBMS ozone at this year's CeBIT in Hannover. At booth B23, hall 16 we explained the method of working of the ozone database to many interested people.

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