Galactic Overlords

The game is a space simulation in which the players run a race they design themselves. The race starts out on a planet in some star system. The object of the game is to explore and aquire more planets and systems than the other players. Along the way it is possible to use diplomacy and war fare to achieve your goals. The player builds factories which build ships.

I use Ozone as the database. All game logic is contained in the game objects which include stars, planets, ships, races and governors to name the most important ones. The front end of the game is web based using Java Servlets and JSP pages. The servlet is stateless and connects to the database to perform all actions. The servlet creates the web pages the players see dynamically.

I see the game having hundreds of stars and 3-10 planets per star. I expect 50 to 100 players to be realistic. The game is being designed to be easily distributable so those numbers are for one medium strength system. A very powerful system with lots of ram and clock speed could handle 10x those numbers.

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