ozone/XML provides a fast and scalable solution to store large XML datasets in ozone. The core of ozone/XML is a persistent DOM implementation on top of ozone. We call this DOM implementation MonsterDOM. This persistent DOM, like any other (non-persistent) DOM implementation, can be used via the DOM API or via DOM based tools like XPath. This gives you the possibility to easily set up a multi-user XML repository.

MonsterDOM is a persistent implementation of the W3C-DOM-Level-1 specification. The code is based on the Open Source DOM implementation OpenXML written by Assaf Arkin. The advantage of MonsterDOM is that it uses a database to store the nodes. So this is a reliable and multi-user solution from the beginning.

The ozone core distribution contains an interface to the XPath implementation of Xalan - the Open Source XSLT package from the XML Apache Group. This interface allows ozone users to apply XPath queries on persistent XML documents stored in ozone. The next step could be an implementation of XQL on top of XPath.

XOQL is a project of Vincent Aguilera. Although the XOQL project seems to be frozen, we are still interested in this technology. XOQL could be a very good alternative for a real query language - in contrast to XPATH, which is not intended to be used as a query language.

XML Repository / Infozone
After adding more and more functionality into the ozone/XML core we decided to start a new project that provides a complete XML content management engine - Infozone.

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