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Re: xml store


Mon, 03 Jan 2000 Dmitry Melekhov wrote:
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>Sent: Monday, January 03, 2000 8:13 PM
>Subject: Re: xml store
>> > Is it possible to find documents with some value
>> > of tag?
>> >
>> Yes, but you have to use an XSL processor to do it:
>> XPath is currently the only standard way to search parts
>> of an XML document.  XPath queries can be embedded in
>> an XSL style sheet to both extract and format desired information
>> from an XML document.
>> Ozone's current development path is geared to make use of the
>> Apache XML project for its XSL, XPath implementations against
>> XML documents.
>> I think the current release has some sample code on how to do
>> this.
>Yes. But this code is suitable only for already loaded document?
>Or may be I don't understand something?
You are right! See my last mail.

>> Otherwise, Ozone has no query language at this time.
>I don't used ozone yet. But if only way to get object is
>find it by primary key, which is known before get,
>I don't know any way to use ozone :((
>I am looking for store which can do queries against
>whole database and then return handles of 
>documents. Do you plan something like this
>in Ozone? 
The "Ozone XML Project" is permanently in progress. Until now it
was sufficient to query an known Document for its content. The
next step is to build an comfortable API that fits the needs like
yours. Again, read the mail archive for this!

>Dmitry Melekhov

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