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Serializing objects to and from XML documents.


I have (at last) found an opportunity to download ozone (0.3.3) and to
begin playing with it and I am amazed by the possibilities such a tool
is opening.

One of them which I'd like to investigate further is to implement "XML
enabled" objects which could be initialized through XML documents and
would have also be able to be outputted as XML.

It wouldn't be storing a DOM in ozone, but rather to convert DOM nodes
to object properties...

I see many benefits of doing this.

The input from XML would allow an easy initialization of complex
The output to XML would facilitate the usage by web application (using a
XSL transformation to produce HTML or XML).
The output + input would allow a kind of logical dump of objects.

With the few things I have seen of ozone, it looks like it would be
quite easy to implement a generic mechanism by extending the OzoneObject

Any feedback and/or experience to share would be welcome !



Eric van der Vlist                                              Dyomedea

http://www.dyomedea.com                          http://www.ducotede.com