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My ozone install seems... too persistent :=) !


Probably just a newbie questions, but I have some troubles with the
db.reloadClasses() used by the Car example in the tutorial (ozone

Here is what I have tried :

1) Compile Car.java, CarImpl.java, odd CarImpl, compile MyApp.java
2) Run MyApp create/print/delete

All is working fine.

2) Update CarImpl.java to add 1 year to the age method which becomes :

    public Integer age() {
        Calendar cal = Calendar.getInstance();
        return new Integer (cal.get (Calendar.YEAR) - _yearOfConst +1);

3) Compile CarImpl.java

4) Run MyApp create/print/delete which displays the same results than
before my update (43 years old).

5) Shutdown and restart ozone

6) Run MyApp create/print/delete which displays the expected results (44
years old).

If I had restarted the ozone server while a car object was still stored,
I would have had a cast error exception.

Reading the javadoc documentation, I had understood that the
db.reloadClasses() called in MyApp.java should have done the trick and
loaded the new release of CarImpl.class after my update.

Isn't it the case and how should we manage updates of classes for the
objects stored in the database ?



PS: I have also 2 other "strange" behaviors :

1) When I start ozone (using "ozone -d... " on a linux 2.0.36 box) and
shutdown it through the "q" command, I get the shutdown messages :

[info] Env : shutting down...
[info] Env : InvokeServer is down.
[info] Env : AdminPort closed.
[info] Env : Deadlock recognition stopped.
[info] Env : ClusterSpace is down.
[info] Env : ObjectSpace + user manager saved.
[info] Env : ObjectSpace is down.
[info] Env : Bye.

but the process keeps running until I stop it through control C or a
kill command.

2) Sometimes, but I haven't been able to isolate the conditions making
this happen, opp gets frozen after having displayed the update methods.

Eric van der Vlist                                              Dyomedea

http://www.dyomedea.com                          http://www.ducotede.com