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Serializing objects to and from XML documents (Con't)...


I have promised to keep you updated and... you'll probably be
disappointed :=) if you read ahead !

I have found all the technologies I have investigated is this area very
powerful, but also very undocumented and still unmature (I hope I am not
hurting anyone) than I came to the conclusion that I had better to
develop a hack to solve my specific need than using one of these

I'll keep on following their progress (I have subscribed to a couple of
lists more ;) but I have found an easy solution to my problem : I am
using a XSL transformation to preprocess the XML files into something
easy to interpret by a dumb SAX parser which is updating the objects
through java.lang.reflect.

If you want to know more about this hack, I have published it on my web


Your comments and suggestions are welcome !



Eric van der Vlist                                              Dyomedea

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