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Re: Ozone and XT


Thu, 13 Jan 2000 Eric van der Vlist wrote:
>> I wonder if I shouldn't write a kind of wrapper which would get the
>> events to call as a list of action and make the call locally.
>The answer is definitely yes (I'll update our web site tomorrow in case
>someone wants to have a look).

We came across the same problem while switching from a DOM Parser on Server-
Side to a SAX Parser on Client-Side for parsing XML on Client-Side and
serialize the thrown SAX Events to Server-Side to create the persistent
Document (DOM Tree) in ozone. This solution is much more scalable b/c you
donĀ“t have to transfer the whole Document at once. Events will commited to
the Server if a definite (and adjustable) quantity is reached.

BTW: I saw something called a "CommentHandler" in the XT package and it seems
to be an extension to the "standard" SAX API. Is there a way to get the parsed
Comments with Xerces or other SAX Parsers? If not - why?

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