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Re: ...ahem. JTable problem in ozone...

Hi Marek,

we did not test ozone with Swing components and/or JDK1.3 yet. But if the
components are Serializable, it should be no problem to store them in ozone,
in general ;)

On Thu, 13 Jan 2000, Marek Lugowski wrote:
> ...meanwhile, the storing code (in an ActionListener):
>     SwingPanel dbobject = 
>           (SwingPanel)db.objectForName(stringPassword);
>     dbobject = (SwingPanel)db.createObject(
>                                    SwingPanelImpl.class.getName(),
>                                    0, 
>                                    stringPassword);
>     dbobject.store((JComponent)myTable);
> ...and the retrieving code (in a different ActionListener):
>       SwingPanel dbobject = 
>                (SwingPanel)db.objectForName(stringPassword)
>       System.out.println("For name: " + stringPassword +
>                                     ", found db object: " +
>                                     dbobject);
>      ---the client's output: 
> For name: 12jan2000a1, found db object: OzoneObjekt, ID:2

println(... dbObject) calls dbObject.toString(). This invokes the toString()
method of the real database object just like a normal remote method.

The problem is that you get the proper result *but* your server gets also the
exception?!?! We just tried to figure out what happens but there is only a
out.flush() after the code that writes the result back to the client...

Ok, I will incorporate Johanns NT patch and make a 0.3.4 interim version
available. This has a better LogWriter that hopefully points us the buggy
code ;)

Marek, meanwhile you may try the 0.3.3 version.

Falko Braeutigam                         mailto:falko@softwarebuero.de
softwarebuero m&b (SMB)                    http://www.softwarebuero.de