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Accessing Ozone from a servlet


I am still wondering if the architecture I am currently using couldn't
be optimized :

HTML browser
   | ^
   V |
Apache web server
   | ^
   V |
Jserv servlet
   | ^
   V |
ozone OODBMS

All being done through sockets (I've seen in previous posts that they
could be a bottleneck) by different OS processes...

I need to keep the apache web server (highly scalable and configurable
and I won't switch all the sites on my server at the same time).

I don't see how I can do without the servlet... thus my question :

Isn't it a way to run ozone and jserv in the same VM ?

I have seen that you've got remote and local databases classes.

If I was using a local database in a servlet, would if be run in a
separate thread and be accessible by different servlet threads handling
different requests ?



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