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Re: XML problem

Hi Brad,

Wed, 19 Jan 2000 Bradley Marshall wrote:
>I'm not sure if this is an ozone problem or a general
>java problem, but when I try to run Store i get an
>exception saying java can't find
>I have the xml4j jar in my CLASSPATH and if I just do
>java com.ibm.xml.parsers.DOMParser it finds the class.

If you look into the source of Store.java you will see two methods
for storing the parsed XML file. If you are using the server side
version you have to add the location of xml4j.jar to the CLASSPATH
of the running ozone server. It is not enough to add it on client
side. The easiest way to make this working is to copy the xml4j.jar
into the directory $OZONEHOME/bin/. The ozone scripts add all found
jars from this directory to the CLASSPATH environment automatically.

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