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Re: Transactions

On Tue, 25 Jan 2000, Davide Mora wrote:
> Yes, make sense.
> Thank you for the answer, it's my fault, i have not
> read carefully the documentation.
> If possible, i'm interested on help in some way for
> the development of Ozone, demo, documentation,
> examples, etc. let me know if i can useful.

Davide, many thanks for the offer to help. Indeed the best way for you to become
familiar with ozone *and* to help with its developement is to write and
document a new demo/tutorial or enhance an existing one. I think of some kind
"started kids". They should show how to use ozone for a special kind of
applications and they should be easy to enhance and adapt to meet special needs.
Another good idea is to implement a OO benchmark. OO7 would be nice. Besides a
XML based administration tool is really, really needed. Ok, much work, I know.
Take your pick! ;)

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