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Object is not (yet) associated to a database container?

I've created some objects from a database object using database().createObject(...). Now, if I want to access database() or container() inside one of these objects, I get the following exception:

java.lang.RuntimeException: Object is not (yet) associated to a database container.
	at org.ozoneDB.OzoneObject.container(OzoneObject.java:54)

But their object creation time is over, they are even read from the database. Why is there no database container?
They're addressed from a Vector of proxies.

It's built that way:

Application: db.createObject(firstObject)
			\-> firstObject: database().createObject(secondObject) (1 item)
							\-> secondObject (about 60 items)

By looking at the XML-dump of the database, I noticed that firstObject is stored within each secondObject (-> 60 times), but there should only be a proxy of it (I stored the return value of database().createObject() into a Vector), on the other side, firstObject itself isn't stored by name (but the id is always the same)...

I also noticed that secondObject is executed within the app and not the database, so something is seriously wrong here. But I don't know what, I did nothing unusual!

Please help!


Description forthcoming.