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Re: Object is not (yet) associated to a database container? [SOLUTION]

On Sunday, February 4, 2001, at 09:15 PM, Chris Trawick wrote:

> Andreas, I think you missed a few important points.  We're hackers, not 
> techwriters.  Given a choice between writing code and spelling out the 
> obvious to the uninitiated, we choose to write code.

I don't think it's so obvious. But I won't discuss this further, since it would end in flamewars.

> This is an open source project, and as such works on VOLUNTEERED TIME.

Yes, I know. I too work for a OS project (XFree86), I know that it's hard to get some spare time for it.

> Complaining about it 
> without pulling any of your dead weight doesn't make things happen, it just 
> gets you removed from mailing lists.

I help by asking stupid but undocumented questions. :)

> Finally never mess with the Big Dog 
> (Falko), big dogs ALWAYS bite.  =P 

Yeah, I already noticed that. I like to mess with the best :)


We fucked up. We fucked up big time.
-- Steve Jobs