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vendors and customers ;) (was: Re: Object is not (yet) associated to a database container? [SOLUTION])

On Sun, 04 Feb 2001, Andreas Monitzer wrote:
> On Sunday, February 4, 2001, at 06:56 PM, Falko Braeutigam wrote:
> > I think I got your point, Andreas. It is, from the users (app programmer) point 
> > of view you just need to know what a product, ozone in this case, can/cannot do 
> > for you. Period. Right? 
> Right. That's why I used the ozone-users mailing list.
> > Ok, but now try to get my point. ozone is open source! There are many more 
> > options than "can" or "cannot". At least there is: "we should discuss", or "why 
> > don't we try", "is it a good idea to", or even better "I would like to 
> > add/improve this or that".  
> I agree. But in this case I understand why there is this limitation, and I think it's ok, but first you have to know it.
> We have different targets. Yours is to develop ozone, mine is to use it, 

Andreas and all, this is totally wrong! I'm not your product vendor and you are
not my customers. We are _all_ programmers who need an ozone-like thing for our
projects. You are using it for a news reader, Andreas. Tim is using it for a
game. RobK for a Laboratory Info System. Michael is using it for something he
isn't willing to talk about ;) And I'm using it for company internal and
customer projects.

Yes, it is fun to make ozone but finally my target is NOT to develop ozone. My
target is to use it, of course!

> with its current limitations (it doesn't matter if it's a limitation of Java,
> like the non-serializable Enumerations, or of ozone itself). > But even users
> can contribute to ozone by telling the developers of errors of the source or
> of the (currently non-existing[1]) documentation.

Telling about missing documentation (bugs, whatever) is a great help, yes. But
who you are going to tell this? Again, all programmers, no vendors! There
is just a mail list of programmers who are interested in ozone...

Yes, I'm doing most of the work today. But I really don't see a good reasons
why the one doing most of the work should do all of the work. ;)

> And I think that's the greatest problem of all opensource projects: bad or no documentation. Just try to get one for icqlib for example. I know it's hard, but sometimes you have to sit down and just write text.
> As a side note, I once tried to understand ozone, but got lost in its
> endless interface declarations.

Yes, all important internal and external APIs are Java interfaces. IMO this is
the way to achieve the modularity recently requested by Jean-Marc. ;)

I hope all this finally clarifies my point a bit.

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