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RE: OZONE/XML for Real Time Data Logging

    Hi, we are using OZONE for a LIMS.
    Depending on how you design your LIMS, there should
be no trouble from what we have seen.  Please
feel free to view any of our documentation, or stop
by our maillist and ask any questions you might have.
Hope this helps,
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From: prashanth [mailto:prashanth@userspace.com]
Sent: Saturday, February 03, 2001 1:11 AM
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Subject: OZONE/XML for Real Time Data Logging

Is Ozone suited for real time data logging for lab automation?(LIMS).
I want to store output from the instruments in the lab as an xml file in OZONE DB and update the xml DOM document with the outputs from the instruments.Can I use OZONE for this??.
It has to be muti-threaded with cocurrent transaction control (for multi-instrument data in the lab) with fast real time query??
I want to know frankly whether OZONE can handle this ? and how fast is the XML query for real time response/updates on XML ??
the XML query/updates on server side and Muti-thread handling for XML/updates from different instruments is very critical..
where does this infozone-tools/xupdate come into picture with ozone ??
Thanx in advance