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Re: Problems while Storing xml in database

On Tue, 06 Feb 2001, prashanth wrote:
> >%_HI
> 1)referring to my previous mail, I am storing data as xml documents is
> because.. ours is a document centric approach . we have all data from
> instruments as xml outputs and using appropriate stylesheets we render the xml
> into different output formats  for diiferent devices ...EXcel ,Word ,PDF ,WML
> using Publising engine. At the same time we have real time data logging from
> the instruments and real time display of the data from the xml files .

If there are just pure data without an object model (logic) that has to deal
with that data, then directly storing XML is the only way to go.

> Does this sound Ok!! 
> what does ozoneproducer do?? can we use this producer in cocoon??
Yes, it is a producer for Cocoon1. But it is somewhat outdated. If you want to
publish the XML coming from ozone/XML (and other data sources) you should check
out Infozone/Prowler (http://infozone-group.org)

> 2)I installed ozone0.6 on NT .while trying to store XML in database . i got the following error stacktrace:
> java.lang.nosuchMethodError at
> org.ozoneDB.xml.util.XMLContainerHelperImpl.onCreate(:67) on the server side
> on the Client side:
> org.ozoneDB.ExternalDatabase.sendCommand(:406)
> org.ozoneDB.ExternalDatabase.createObject(:406)
> org.ozoneDB..xml.util.XMLContainer.newContainer(:73)

Hmmm... storing XML in ozone works without problems for me. Please checkout
latest CVS version of ozone.

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