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Re: ozone & modularity

On Tue, 06 Feb 2001, Andreas Monitzer wrote:
> On Tuesday, February 6, 2001, at 11:31 AM, Falko Braeutigam wrote:
> > > This is somewhat similar to the Lightweight Objects approach discussed in 
> > > <http://ozone-db.org/ozone-users/11-2000/msg00141.html>. You really should 
> > > read this mail and the discussion that followed. 
> > I perfectly agree ;) 
> Ok, lets redesign again :-)
> > However, besides a better, ozone-friendly design there seems to be another 
> > problem in your test Andreas. What do you mean by "read object from the 
> > database"? Just one call to the database?
> It's the following:
> * get iterator of all message proxies
> * while iter.hasNext()
> 	* iter.next().getHead()
> 	* convert & store into local list
> getHead() returns the object itself, so it's only one RMI call.

"the object itself" ? Do you really need to serialize the entire object
graph to the client? In the Lightweight Object approach just the data that is
needed by the client gets serialized. And, this is done just when the data are
actually needed (lazy evaluation).

> btw, I forgot to mention that it's from a remote database (on the same machine), so it's another VM.
> I tested it with a local database now, it's .2-.4 sec (-> 30sec total for 95 messages), still too much.
> > Then 0.4-0.8s are way to slow 
> > for a simple database roundtrip. You should get values around 3ms or 0.003s!
> Even those 0.05sec for post processing are much too slow, but maybe that's because my profiling code hangs there (total is 30sec with profiling code, 21sec without).
> > What ozone version do you use? Please checkout latest CVS. 
> I checked out last Saturday I think (maybe +/- 1 day).

I checked roundtrip times again: 1.9115ms per call on a 350Mhz box. You may
verify this number yourself. 

ojvm org.ozoneDB.test.simple.SimpleTest -remote

and a running server should do it. Maybe you have to compile the test package.

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