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Re: ozone & modularity

On Tuesday, February 6, 2001, at 01:01 PM, Falko Braeutigam wrote:

> "the object itself" ? Do you really need to serialize the entire object 
> graph to the client? In the Lightweight Object approach just the data that is 
> needed by the client gets serialized. And, this is done just when the data are 
> actually needed (lazy evaluation). 

The object doesn't have much more than I need.
But serialization is very inefficient, it took about one minute to serialize 200 complex objects, so I switched to ozone initially (because not all objects have to be serialized each time).

> I checked roundtrip times again: 1.9115ms per call on a 350Mhz box. You may 
> verify this number yourself.  
> ojvm org.ozoneDB.test.simple.SimpleTest -remote 
> and a running server should do it. Maybe you have to compile the test package. 

% ojvm org.ozoneDB.test.simple.SimpleTest -remote
Test: remote=true local=false clientcache=false
Performing RemoteDatabase test suite...
Starting org.ozoneDB.test.simple.SimpleTest.testRMI...2000 iterations in different transactions: 9573ms - 4.7865ms per call
2000 iterations in one transaction: 5353ms - 2.6765ms per call

Time: 15180msec

OK (1 tests)

At least they aren't in another dimension like the ones from my app.


Description forthcoming.