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Re: Search for open source OODBMS finally over! Thank you.

On Wed, 14 Feb 2001, Andrew Taylor wrote:
> Falko and other dev's,
> It's been several years now that I've been whining that there was no
> opensource oodbms' (obviously I didn't look hard enough).  A couple days ago
> I stumbled upon ozone... and it looks great.

> I have to admit, I initially saw the absence of a query language (ie OQL) as
> a big drawback, but the manual handling of indexes and searching makes
> sense... it really gives you control at a low level, and the collection
> classes within 1.2 are quite fast. (I guess it's still java, though, so not
> as fast as natively compiled code).  Well done with ozone... I'm sure a ton
> of work went into it.
> I do have one quick question though... why not use
> java.lang.Runtime.getRuntime().addShutdownHook(thread) in the main server
> thread to trap shutdowns via os interrupts (ie. ctrl-c), instead of
> mandating 'q'?
To keep the sources java1.1 or at least 1.2 compatible. There was an attempt to
do it independently from the jdk version but unfortunately it didn't actually
get implemented.

> I'm currently integrating ozone into a performance comparison test, here at
> work, to determine if we are to use it... 
Please, if you are doing benchmarks, use the CVS version of ozone. There are
some changes that significantly increase the speed of network calls.

> and am very much thinking of using
> it in my own opensource project (http://benow.org).
sounds (!) great ;)

> I'll let you know when
> and what it's being used for, if we decide upon it.
Great, thanks!

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