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Performance question

We're evaluating Ozone for a project here at NRL.  We are initially
testing on a dataset of about 150 mb, but have a need to use Ozone with
30 to 70 Gb of data.  So far it looks promising.

Can you point me to any documentation that might describe how best to
adjust the cluster size, table size, etc. for best performance?

Also, I have read in your documentation and email list about moving
functionality into the server to improve performance.  Not sure I
understand.  Can you  explain?  Is this simply a matter of opening a
local database rather than an external one?  When we do that we notice
an improvement of performance.

The data structure we are using includes object references to other
objects -- object A might reference objects B and C and C might
reference D.  This is an oversimplification.  Object C, for example,
might include a collection of 1000's object D's.  Since an application's
interaction with the data is through interfaces, should these references
be to the proxy objects rather than to the objects' implementation

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