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Design question

What, if any, would be the problems with setting up a database object that
had a method called getThis() (or whatever), that returned "this". That way,
you could get an object that you could then have local access to the data on
the client, instead of having to deal with remote (if the db is remote)
calls to get the data.

Basically, it's the equivalent to value objects in EJB, but simplified in
that I don't want to have to deal with separate value objects, I just want
to use the object itself. This would be useful for data objects that have no
behavior, just structure, and so you just want to get all the data out
simply. Of course you could use value objects, but I'm pretty sure there
would be no problem with that, so I'm asking about if you could use the
object itself (which is generally seen as not a good idea in the EJB world).


Joel Shellman
KnOcean Interactive