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Re: Design question

> Working with the 'real object' is not a good idea in the ozone world too!
> (since both have very similar basic concepts)
> If you return 'this' from a method, then you actually get a proxy of
> back. Test it! Unfortunately this conversion is not done recursivly yet.

Oh yeah, it does that proxy generation thing. Have you considered doing JDK
1.3 dynamic proxies so you don't have to have that combersome preprocessing

> Why do you need to access the target object? I'm still in the opinion that
> good design can help to avoid the need to access the target object. Am I
> idealistic about this?

Very simple. I have a web page that I need to display all the info about a
user on. I just need all the data (read only situation) from that object so
I can display it on the page. I certainly don't want to call a "getter" for
each piece of data if it's a remote object.

Again, it's exactly like the value object, but I'm just thinking of doing it
the easy way (maintaining all the value objects and data objects separately
is a big nuisance if the system is simple enough--and much less efficient).