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Re: Design question

On Fri, 16 Feb 2001, Joel Shellman wrote:
> > Working with the 'real object' is not a good idea in the ozone world too!
> > (since both have very similar basic concepts)
> >
> > If you return 'this' from a method, then you actually get a proxy of
> 'this'
> > back. Test it! Unfortunately this conversion is not done recursivly yet.
> Oh yeah, it does that proxy generation thing. 
Proxies are generated at compile time. Here ozone just substituts datbase
object and corresponding proxy - at runtime.

> Have you considered doing JDK
> 1.3 dynamic proxies so you don't have to have that combersome preprocessing
> step?
Yes. Would probably be much slower than the current solution and runs only on

> > Why do you need to access the target object? I'm still in the opinion that
> a
> > good design can help to avoid the need to access the target object. Am I
> to
> > idealistic about this?
> Very simple. I have a web page that I need to display all the info about a
> user on. I just need all the data (read only situation) from that object so
> I can display it on the page. I certainly don't want to call a "getter" for
> each piece of data if it's a remote object.
> Again, it's exactly like the value object, but I'm just thinking of doing it
> the easy way (maintaining all the value objects and data objects separately
> is a big nuisance if the system is simple enough--and much less efficient).

When I want to present an ozone object in the browser then I convert it to XML
(xmlForObject()) and pass it through a XSLT processor (I'm using Cocoon and
Infozone/Prowler but this is not a must). This works great, simple, fast.

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