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Re: Calling the ozone client through Servlets?

On Wed, 21 Feb 2001, Andronikos Nedos wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am thinking of using ozone for a small-scale search engine in my
> college. It's going to
> store the inverted index of the Db. (I am not even sure if this a good
> apprach).
> Does anybody know or tried to invoke an ozone client from inside a
> servlet.
> I wouldn't have thought that this is a problem but then again I don't
> know
> how apache invokes the servlet class and what are the requirements for a
> standard ozone client.

There are no problems using ozone from a servlet. You can use ozone in servlets
just like in 'normal' programs.

I don't fully understand what do you mean with: calling an ozone _client_ from
a servlet. The sevlet itself is the ozone client.

There is only one think regarding ozone and servlets. You should not open a
transaction that spawn more than one HTTP request. For this you would have to
integrate an transaction manager like it is done in Prowler. But this is
probably no limitation and therefore not needed in your case.

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