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Fw: Ozone and XPATH

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Date: Fri, 23 Feb 2001 00:10:19 +0100
From: "Juergen Fey" <jfey@xerpent.com>
To: <ozone-users-owner@ozone-db.org>
Subject: Ozone and XPATH


I am working on a new version of a content management system which
is beeing used by some heavy load sites in germany.

Currently i do use (for the upcoming version) JDOM and an XPATh extension 
to do XPATH queries into the docs for some special add on functions.
The performance is not bad.

I just wonder if Ozone support XPATH directly and if so, how fast it
is. The number of docs is about 50.000 xml files with an average size of 
10 k.

I will dig into Ozone in the coming weeks anyways to get some new ideas
like search engines and stuff.

Juergen Fey
         The box said "Win95 or better", so i installed Linux 

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