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AW: Fw: Ozone and XPATH


> If you are using JDOM's XPath implementation you may can give me some
> information about it's stability?! It's not part of the official
> distribution, so what is its usability and conformancy?

Well, i am using JDOM 0.6. After 0.4 a lot changed but since 0.5 the
interface seems to be stable. JDOM itself causes no problems here and there
are no major problems discussed in the JDOM list.

The XPATh extension is another question. The jdom-contrib version
is an older one which does not support namespaces good enough.
It is deprecated.

There is another one at code.werken.com  (werken.xpath) which i use
in the moment. That`s the version someone should use and this version
gets recommended by the JDOM dev guys as the follow up to the original one.
The interface is ok, but it could be much simpler.

But i am also looking into using Saxon directly, since i got Saxon loaded
in my Tomcat environment to generate HTML, ASCII etc. from XML anyways.
Perhaps the Java extension facility of Saxon could be perfect to transfer
back the results directly into the AppServer servlet. I did not try this
but that`s just a matter of time ...

Using XPATH to work with XML sounds like the best solution for my Content
Management system since the user base needs to work with XSL anyways. This
the same XPATH knowledge could be used to build add on scripts etc.