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Re: AW: Fw: Ozone and XPATH

On Fri, 23 Feb 2001 12:50:12 +0100
"Juergen Fey" <jfey@xerpent.com> wrote:

> Well, i am using JDOM 0.6. After 0.4 a lot changed but since 0.5 the
> interface seems to be stable. JDOM itself causes no problems here and there
> are no major problems discussed in the JDOM list.
> The XPATh extension is another question. The jdom-contrib version
> is an older one which does not support namespaces good enough.
> It is deprecated.
> There is another one at code.werken.com  (werken.xpath) which i use
> in the moment. That`s the version someone should use and this version
> gets recommended by the JDOM dev guys as the follow up to the original one.
> The interface is ok, but it could be much simpler.

Well, I'm a lurker on the JDOM list and I've heard the same. I would
like to see prototype of a JDOM-based persistent dom in ozone but for
this we need a stable XPath implementation.

> But i am also looking into using Saxon directly, since i got Saxon loaded
> in my Tomcat environment to generate HTML, ASCII etc. from XML anyways.
> Perhaps the Java extension facility of Saxon could be perfect to transfer
> back the results directly into the AppServer servlet. I did not try this
> out,
> but that`s just a matter of time ...

But Saxon is DOM and/or SAX based. So how do you use Saxon's XPath in
conjuction with JDOM? Will you use JDOM->DOM transformer each time you're
calling an XPath query?
> Using XPATH to work with XML sounds like the best solution for my Content
> Management system since the user base needs to work with XSL anyways. This
> way
> the same XPATH knowledge could be used to build add on scripts etc.

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