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[ANNOUNCE] ozone 0.6.1

Hi all,

there were some really important patches in the CVS, which add new features,
improve performance and/or fix bugs. ozone has been running stable for me
for one month now. Nobody complained on the list. So I decided to make a new
release. Check http://www.ozone-db.org/download_main.html.

Here is the list of the most important changes:

Version 0.6.1 (Wed Feb 28 11:14:43 2001)

- ozone/XML: API of the XMLContainer slightly changed; XPath and XUpdate query
      API uses the standard API of org.infozone.tools.xml.query; the classes
      to hide implementation specific things (Xalan, Xt, Lexus, etc.) are no
      longer needed

- admin system completely reworked; it's all in org.ozoneDB.core.admin now;
      AdminImpl provides the server side admin logic, it's a simple database
      object which makes it very easy to extend and maintain this; front-end
      is a simple command line tool

- admin: XML backup/restore implemented; this uses the same mapping as the
      xmlForObject() methods; XML output can be compressed in gzip format,
      still it produces a huge amount of data

- core: OzoneObject.size() introduced but not yet used

- DxLib: proper buffering for the socket streams added/fixed; this highly
      improves performance _and_ scalability
- core: new connection pool implemented; connections are no longer statically
      mapped to one thread but connections are assigned to a client thread or
      transaction just when needed and released afterwards

- XA: rework started; uses the new connection pool

Falko Braeutigam                              mailto:falko@smb-tec.com
SMB GmbH                                        http://www.smb-tec.com