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Re: seg. fault during samples/XML/Store.java


Tue, 04 Apr 2000 Thomas Guettler wrote:

>hmmm, very strange. can you make your testfiles available via web.
>So I can try them on my machine?

I think the xml shakespeare files are available at:

>I use the jdk1.2.2RC4 from blackdown on linux.
>But I had the same problem with jdk1.1.8 on FreeBSD.
>I use ozone0.4 (aka 0.4dev6). But I had the same problem
>with the version before 0.4.6, too

I tried your file with SAXStore - no problem. Store just hangs!
I will try a more serious test case tomorrow

>On what plattform did you test it?

We develop all the ozone stuff on Linux mostly and do some
testing on solaris. I think all the guys here at SMB use jdk 1.2.

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