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Re: ozone 0.4 available -- ... now error on first createObject call

Falko, can't use another jdk, since I'm kinda stuck with jdk 1.3 since
I use the Robot class.  And I create a new database directory from
sratch each time.  I recompiled the my simple proxy Impl class too,
but that was a no-op

Since one other user reports exactly the same problem with Windows 98,
albeit RC2 whereas I use RC1, (and I am doing this on NT) and since
0.3.2 works just fine for both of us, looks like something broke in 4,
platform-dependent in either createObject or in how the initial database
is created.  That the -DozoneDB.dbID=<id> option generates an error is not
encouraging, either.  Could you take a look at the ozone server
messages I included and tell me if they are as expected, esp. the Wizard
Store "recovering" part.

			  -- Marek