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eXelon performance

I have been lurking on the ozone-db list for almost a year now. Reading mail
off and on just to keep up with what is going on and debating if I'm ready
to give ozone a try. Anyway, I don't use ozone just yet, but might be some
day as an XML storage solution. Currently I'm using eXelon and I thought I
would share some performance results with you and see how it might compare
with ozone.

I imported all the Shakespear files into an eXelon store and then created a
MultiDoc binder, which allows several documents to act as one. So in other
words, I can query all the Shakespear XML docs at once.

System. Win2K pro running on dual PII 333, with 250 megs.

This XPath query took 9 seconds

This XPath query took 12 seconds

This XPath query took 13 seconds

Both of these queries using just a single doc a_and_c.xml (254kb) are in the
ms range, so not really a factor. I'm interested in performance with large
sets of files. I searched the ozone archives, but could not find any kind of
performance results for Xpath queries on large XML files. Did I miss it?