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Re: Committing transactions

On Thu, 13 Apr 2000, Steve Kaminski wrote:
> Hi,
> I am using the RemoteDatabase and I want to perform insert and update
> transactions on it.
> The following code gives me a runtime exception:
> 		pDoc = (Document) database.objectForName (docName);
> 		..
> 		..
> 		..
> 			  ExternalTransaction tx = database.newTransaction();
>                     tx.begin();
>                     pDoc.getDocumentElement().setNodeValue("Bert");
>                     System.out.println (ExternalDatabase.forThread
> (Thread.currentThread()));
>                     list (pDoc, new StringBuffer (""));
>                     tx.commit();
> The stack trace shows that the ExternalDatabase.sendCommand is called twice
> and then it seems
> a constructor is not found because I get the error message:
> 	method <init><SLjava/lang/String;>V not found

Hmmm... I assume that you are using the Load.java from the XML sample. When I
add the pDoc.getDocument()... line a get the following:

DOMException(6): DOMException: Node does not support data. (code 6)
This node type does not support values.
        at org.ozoneDB.xml.dom.ElementImpl_Proxy.setNodeValue(ElementImpl_Proxy.java:323)
        at Load.main(Load.java:96)

which does not seem to be a ozone related problem.

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