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Looking for a good PDOM


we are looking for a free persistent DOM implementation.

We have a DOM which may get very big, and may not fit to 
memory (RAM) anymore, and which is queried with XPath.

This PDOM should be implemented in Java, as we want to
integrate it into our MOM (message oriented middleware)
(If you are curious: http://www.xmlBlaster.org).

The PDOM should cache parts of the DOM tree to/from harddisk
transparently, so that the XPath/XSLT engine doesn't notice it.

Here is our wish list :-)

- Free for commercials as well (like LGPL or similar)

- Allowing to use any XSL engine (we use currently XT from J.Clark
  to query the DOM with XPath, since it is the fastest engine)

- Should work non validated as well (no dtd, since the DOM is generic).

Could ozone be a solution for this?

thanks for any help,


Marcel Ruff