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Re: Looking for a good PDOM


Mon, 17 Apr 2000 Marcel Ruff wrote:
>Can we choose an arbitrary XML parser and ozone persitency plugs in?

You can use any XML Parser (I think so, but I've testet only IBM and
Xerces ;-), but the ozone xml persistency layer doesn't plug into the
xml parser directly. There are two helper classes to proceed DOM nodes
or SAX events and create the persistent counterpart.

1. DOM Parser -> Mem DOM -> DOMConverterImpl.class -> PDOM

2. SAX Parser -> SAX Events -> SAX2DOMConverterImpl.class -> PDOM

>Now we use Sun XML parser and enjoy some nonestandard api calls
>(especially to merge two DOM trees into on). This we would need
>to code self if ozone DOM doesn't like it (and could be much
>slower than the Sun internal merge).

It depends on you application code. If you merge two persistent
DOM trees this would affect your database content. To avoid this
you can use the DOMConverterImpl.class to (re)create an in-memory
DOM tree of your persistent data and merge these copies.

But in general you can use any xml parser with any nonstandard api

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