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RE: XML updates

> This is highly comparable to the XUL (XML Update Language) specification
> defined by IBM and used in their XMLTreeDiff application. Is this spec
> still in use?

eXelon also has an update expression... here is a sample. I can email you
the user guide if you are interested in checking it out to get more ideas.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<xlnupdate version="1.0">
      <remove select="/bookstore/book[-1]">
      <update select="/bookstore">
            <element location="lastchild">
                  <book style="tour">
                        <title>Sightseeing in Trenton</title>
            <element location="firstchild">
                  <book style="novel">
                        <title>Terror in Trenton</title>
                              <name>Free Press, Inc.</name>
                              <street>16 First Avenue</street>
                              <city>Trenton, NJ</city>
      <update select="/bookstore/magazine[1]">
            <attribute name="frequency">weekly</attribute>
      <update select='/bookstore/book/title[. = "History of Trenton" '>
                  <title>History of Trenton 1800-1900</title>

> Does anybody tried XMLForms working together with ozone/Cocoon?
> For the infozone project we need the possibility to modify db
> content via html/xml forms.

I took a look at it a few weeks ago, but I got the idea that the project has
been dropped?

Do you have an outline for infozone?