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Re: XPath queries

On Tue, 01 May 2001, Scott Raven wrote:
> Hi - I am new to ozone, please pardon my ignorance :)
> I have installed 1.0 and have the samples running, and have explored
> the API docs and the archives of this list for the last couple
> months.
> Here is my question:
> I would like to be able to search the database for documents
> containing specific values for specific elements (or use "contains").
> (Not a huge number of documents, let's say for sake of an example,
> 2500, and they are fairly small, as well (say 100K each).)
> I was thinking that I could use objectsByClass to get a list (ok,
> array) from the database, and apply an XPath query to each one. I
> have read in the archives that objectsOfClass might go by the
> wayside.

Yes, objectsOfClass is not implemented and will be removed.

The current ozone/XML API is not intented to serve as a full blown document
server or something like that. Its a very basic API to just
store/retrieve/xpath documents. So, if you need to search in a collection of
documents then you have to manage this collection 'by hand' - just like a
collection of objects.

We have started to work to support the API of xmldb.org. Lars has posted a
proposal recently. Thsi API has collections build-in.

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