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XPath queries

Hi everybody

Falko: first of all thank you for ozone.
I am tuned on this mailing list since a couple of
months and I am interested in ozone as an XML repository.
I only need basic functionalities.
Support to xml-db APIs means that current ozone XML APIs
will change in the short time?
Will the current XML API be supported in the future?

Thanks again

Giovanni Borzi

On Tue, 01 May 2001, Scott Raven wrote:
> Hi - I am new to ozone, please pardon my ignorance :)
> I have installed 1.0 and have the samples running, and have explored
> the API docs and the archives of this list for the last couple
> months.
> Here is my question:
> I would like to be able to search the database for documents
> containing specific values for specific elements (or use "contains").
> (Not a huge number of documents, let's say for sake of an example,
> 2500, and they are fairly small, as well (say 100K each).)
> I was thinking that I could use objectsByClass to get a list (ok,
> array) from the database, and apply an XPath query to each one. I
> have read in the archives that objectsOfClass might go by the
> wayside.

Yes, objectsOfClass is not implemented and will be removed.

The current ozone/XML API is not intented to serve as a full blown 
server or something like that. Its a very basic API to just
store/retrieve/xpath documents. So, if you need to search in a 
collection of
documents then you have to manage this collection 'by hand' - just like 
collection of objects.

We have started to work to support the API of xmldb.org. Lars has posted 
proposal recently. Thsi API has collections build-in.

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