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Re: XPath queries

On Wed, 02 May 2001 09:48:21 +0200
"giovanni borzi" <g.borzi@enginsoft.it> wrote:

> Hi everybody
> Falko: first of all thank you for ozone.
> I am tuned on this mailing list since a couple of
> months and I am interested in ozone as an XML repository.
> I only need basic functionalities.
> Support to xml-db APIs means that current ozone XML APIs
> will change in the short time?
> Will the current XML API be supported in the future?

The current XML API of ozone is much rawer then the XML:DB API draft.
It "only" supports single documents without (nested) collections
support. The current implementation provides everything you need to
store, retrieve, and query single documents. You can handle DOM and
SAX input but no flat XML or binary content (e.g. unparsed entities).

XML:DB API sits on top of ozone's XML API to extent this raw API to
a full XML database API.

I don't want to modify the current XML API, except for the addition
of a persistent collection implementation. So the current API will
be supported in the future.

The current XML API can also act as the basis of other APIs / protocols
like e.g. SOAP.

Does this make sense? :-)

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