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No Subject

To						Dated: 8-5-2001.
e-mail: ozone-users@ozone-db.org

Sub:- How to get and use Ozone OODB software?

Hello ...

I am a research student in India. I am working in OODB particularly
Constaints in OODB with some uncerataininty modeling concepts.
In this regard I am looking for a Research type OODB s/w, like this, to
implement the ideas and further modeling work on OODB with some applications
which fits OODB data model.
Can I get complete details literatures about Ozone OODB? and its Web site?
Can I get a full/complete set of this s/w on Windos98/Linux system?
compatible to IBM PC's., with C++/Java as a interface language?

This has been referenced from Prof. Fred Petry, Deptt. of Computer 
Science, Tulane Univ. USA.