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Re: Cluster Size

Can you clarify -- how does 'clusterSizeRatio = 256' relate to the size of the
object - is it the size of the object in some byte measurement?  How do I determine
the number to use for clusterSizeRatio in relation to the expected size of newly
created objects?

Roy Ladner
Naval Research Laboratory

Falko Braeutigam wrote:

> ozoneDB.wizardStore.clusterSize = 65536  -- the max size of each cluster
> ozoneDB.wizardStore.clusterSizeRatio = 256  -- the expected size of each
> object; helps the kernel to determine the size of newly created objects
> The size of the data is not that important - more the size of the objects and
> the  granularity of your problem in general. Clusters loaded or locked when one
> object of the cluster is loaded or locked.
> Falko
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