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Re: OutOfMemory

Francisco Jose wrote:
> What should I do to avoid OutOfMemory exceptions ?
> I'm very concerned about this kind of issue and
> I know it is not something only related to ozone
> and probably it is related with java in general.
> As a newbie, I'm enjoying OODBMS advantages, and
> ozone might play an important role in this new
> emerging world.
I'm not sure what the problem is but you can increase the VM size for

The bin/ozone for UNIX or bin.ozone.bat for windows uses the ozoneEnv or
ozoneEnv.bat for passing arguments to the VM.

There is an option is the bin/ozone file as such
but not sure what this is - developers? 

It appears that the script ozoneEnv is where the Java VM memory should
be changes via the variable VMARGS=

Refer the javadoc tools info for arguments to the Java VM. The 1.2.2
docs say the arg is -Xmx64m and 64m is the default. So you could try
128m to change the max VM memory to 128meg. I tried this and on startup
it reported the following:

[info] (740) Env:    total: 107585528
[info] (740) Env:    free : 248808
[info] (740) Env:    keep : 4000000

So it seems to honor the argument as this is more than the default

info] (448) Env:    total: 25812984
[info] (448) Env:    free : 196504
[info] (448) Env:    keep : 2581298

Hope this helps.