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Re: some question about OODBMS,JDO,J2EE EJB

> Yes, it's possible to improve the deployment of ozone apps. Are you ready to
> help with this?
> Falko
> -- 
Beacause I havn't look deep in ozone's source code, So I cannot point out how to do delploy exactly.
Here is my cursory idea:

1.use XML to specify things relative to deployment 
2.server know what classes have deployed?
3.integrate opp with deployment process and deployment tool can return a jar file for client 
4.If an object has deployed into server, user change original class, and how server know the difference between the two
5.undeploy:If we undeploy an application , should we remove object from store?
6.provide an GUI deployment tools to user
7.should we use some specification directory structure in jar?like WAR and EAR?