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Re: AW: can't compile: Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFou ndError: sun/tools/javac/Main

Stupla-ML wrote:
> Hi to all,
> we are new to this List , working for a studium projekt,
> and we have the same problems,
> with the same error message,
> and after deleting line 48 it is not better,
> it´s the same error message.
> can anybody help us with other tips?
> Thanks a lot ...
> Steffen!


Have you added the tools.jar of the jdk to your classpath?

What version of jdk are you using?

Maybe you have an ant configuration file named ".antrc" in your home
directory where the property build.compiler is set to classic by

What version of ozone are you using?
Try to download the newest cvs version if you can (& if nothing else

For a description of the build.compiler property in ant's build.xml
file, see http://jakarta.apache.org/ant/manual/CoreTasks/javac.html

Enough tips?

Michael Keuchen