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Re: some question about OODBMS,JDO,J2EE EJB

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From: SiYiYing
Sent: Friday, May 11, 2001 2:18 PM
Subject: some question about OODBMS,JDO,J2EE EJB

I'm a newbie to OODBMS, and I have some question about OODBMS:
1.OODBMS like ozone provides an way to store normal java object to underlying storage, and support Transaction, XML etc.I think the
Sun J2EE EJB container do the same thing.And they all use RMI to call ermote object's method, they all use proxy, and they achieve the same goal.
2.If OODBMS has had the ability to seperate business rule from underlying database persistent, Should we must use EJB container again?
If we should use , just because EJB is an standard,such as it can be integrated with Servlet,JSP?
3.If in LocalDataBase(i think it is like Hsql's Standalone  model) mode, is it just another "JDO"
some other:
.By now, I must start server at the same place with the cient, beacuse server need all the Impl class.Can you provide some depolyment tools, once the class is deployed,
server knows how to locate these class?