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Server Shutdown?

There was a post to this list last August about a problem with the
server not shutting down.  It appeared that more than one client was

I've run into the same problem with only one client connected.  It's a
random occurrence.  The following is found in the log file:

[info] (070) Env: deadlock recognition started
[info] (070) Env: shutdown...
[info] (070) Env: Deadlock recognition stopped.
[info] (070) TransactionManager: shutdown...
[info] (070) TransactionManager:     there are 0 pending transaction(s)
[info] (070) TransactionManager: acquire count total:83959
[info] (070) WizardStore: shutdown...

Everything hangs after that.  I can only stop Ozone by hitting

I'm running on Win 2k.  This is Ozone version 0.6.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what might be causing this?  Was
this fixed in version 1.0 or 1.01?

Roy Ladner
Naval Research Laboratory