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Re: Is Ozone suitable for use with Apache Cocoon 2

Am Mittwoch, 23. Mai 2001 10:57 schrieb Peter Hargreaves:
> Hi Folks,
> I'm new to Ozone. Could someone please tell me if Ozone is suitable for
> use with Apache Cocoon 2.
> I understand that Ozone is DOM based rather than SAX based. Cocoon 2,
> however is SAX based rather than DOM based. Does this mean they are
> incompatible?
> Many thanks to anyone who can spare the time to reply.
> Peter.

In OzoneDB there is only a persistent DOM level 1 implementation. 
That means you don't have namespace support. 

It does not really make a compatibility difference whether you use SAX or DOM 
since SAX and DOM are only two API models for the same underlying XML document. 
The difference are the version levels.

For building custom Cocoon 2 generators, e.g. an OzoneGenerator, and you don't
need namespaces, then Cocoon2 should work fine with XML documents 
served by Ozone.

But Cocoon 2 relies on namespaces which are part of DOM level 2 and SAX2.
Also, Cocoon 2 uses Xalan 2.0.1, which XPath API does not conform to Ozone's
XPath API. Some time ago I could attach Xalan 2 to Ozone, but XPath queries 
failed with DOM exceptions because of version incompatibility.
So I decided to re-implement a persistent DOM level 2 for Ozone
starting with the Xerces 1.3.1 DOM implementation. This work is going 
slowly since I do it in my rare spare time.


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